Welcome to Happy Sawyer’s Autism Stories

My name is Nikki and I still feel as though I am faking being an adult. In some sort of quantum leap I woke up one day 34 years of age, as a working mum of two children, one of whom is on the autistic spectrum.

Nikki Family Sunshine (final file)My blog is focused on our experiences with Sawyer’s autism, as well as my fears, hopes and dreams for his future. General parenting topics are threaded in to each post, since not only am I mummy to Sawyer, but also to his neurotypical little sister.

I decided to start writing down some of our experiences when I realised that so many of Sawyer’s mannerisms and quirks were evolving, and that some of them were being left behind. As challenging as autism can be, it has also brought a lot of joy to our lives and I don’t want to let those memories disappear. I want to remember it all – the good, and the bad.


From first symptoms, through diagnosis, school, funding and beyond, I hope my words will make you laugh, and that at times they might provoke a tear. I started this blog to help other people understand Sawyer and what high-functioning autism means for us.But not only that, I wanted to put a blog out in to the world that might help everybody learn to be more compassionate, more inclusive, and more understanding of others.

Thank you for finding us. Put your feet up and have a look around my site. Read some of our stories, join our journey.

Nikki xx

“Diverse, moving copy that speaks to every kind of parent.”
– Miranda Doyle, Author of A Book of Untruths

“There are many of us out there – mums of autistic children – and Nic is one of them (as am I). Nic is brave and honest enough to write about hers and Sawyer’s emotional roller coaster journey. It reminds us that we are not alone on this journey, although our kids will show different symptoms and it is OK to be frustrated/angry/an emotional wreck/ask for help/awesome/amazing. Thank you Nic for sharing.”
– Di Brown, Autism Mum

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